Pic of the Week


     There are a few moments in everyone's life that are key turning points in the story of it all.  The decisions that we make help sculpt our future and give meaning to where we have been; as well as where we are headed.

     All things are uncertain.. that I can say with certainty.  However, life is a series of sequels that have no end (kind of like Rocky movies).  Or at least we can say the ending of the tale doesn't matter to us, ultimately, as much as the meat of it.  So pick up your glasses!  Raise a toast! And "ching-ching" to the glorious unknown and the beautiful ever after.

Pic of the Week

Behind the Scenes

Keep a sharp eye!!  You'll always find a different perspective if you're looking.  Although I was not the photographer they hired, I think this angle is more interesting & original than the orchestrated pose.. if it weren't for that pesky pro in the way  ;)

Still, he serves to tell the story of the record of a great day being recorded.